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West Island Blog - Web
It was an active week for West Island Community Shares (WICS). They started the week off with their annual BMO Thanks Giving Dinner. The party started as soon as the guests arrived. Sitting down was not the mandate of the event with DJ George Thomas as emcee, despite the delicious turkey dinner. The event raised more than 55,000 for the 41 community groups cherished by the WICS team The week with WICS got more and more exciting as the days went by. For the first time benefitting WICS, Sugar Sammy graced the West Island with his hilarious comic performance. The show kept the audience entertained for more than an hour with provocative looks into politics, culture and social themes. The master spent a great deal of the show interacting...
The Marilyn Denis Show - Video
Sugar Sammy's love of hockey is hilarious and has nothing to do with hockey. Watch the full interview here.
Global News -
Why Comedian Sugar Sammy asked Quebec’s language police for a citation and doesn’t shy away from politics, international relations and the election in his standup.  His standup has been known to cover everything from politics to relationships, to hockey to international relations. No topic too taboo and no one is safe from his affectionate jabs. Watch the interview here.
ICI Radio-Canada - Radio
L'humoriste Sugar Sammy est de retour en sol canadien après avoir connu un succès fulgurant à l'étranger. De passage dans nos studios, il a parlé de la façon dont les revirements de la campagne électorale fédérale influencent son humour. Écoutez l'entrevue. "Tout ce qui est mauvais pour l'humanité est bon pour l'humour." - Sugar Sammy Il explique que cette période électorale est une période faste pour les humoristes canadiens qui n'ont plus...
The Loop - Video
Sugar Sammy isn’t one to shy away from getting political, and his current tour is happening in the middle of an election cycle in Canada. So, what role does comedy have when it comes to politics?  “It’s important to keep on addressing the stuff that’s happening in Canadian politics,” he told us in a recent interview. “Canadian politics is something that we’re surrounded by but a lot of comedians don’t address it.” Watch interview.
Joy TV News - Video
When it comes to Canadian comedy super stars, Montreal-born Sugar Sammy, who's real name is Samir Khullar, performs in four languages all over the world. We're here at the Georgian Hotel to learn more about language, culture and comedy.
CTV News Calgary -
"Election time is a great time to hit the road if you're a comedian, and we have one in studio right now. Sugar Sammy is taking the stage in Calgary tomorrow at the Bella Concert Hall. He is joining us this morning to chat about the tour and also to talk to us about some of the content of the tour." Watch interview here.
ICI Alberta -
Sugar Sammy de passage en AlbertaL'humoriste Sugar Sammy sera en spectacle à Calgary jeudi et à Edmonton vendredi. Il était de passage dans nos studios.   Écoutez l'entrevue ici.
ICI Colombie-Britannique - Radio
Les élections fédérales sont une source d'inspiration importante pour Sugar Sammy ces jours-ci. L'humoriste montréalais, qui sillonne la planète pour rire de nos différences culturelles, est en spectacle le 5 octobre à Surrey et le 6 octobre prochain à Vancouver. Il réagit notamment à l'épisode du « brownface » du chef libéral Justin Trudeau. Écoutez l'entrevue ici.
Surrey Now-Leader - Web
An interview with Montreal’s Samir Khullar, whose tour is timed with the federal election campaign. Sugar Sammy says he didn’t plan it this way, but his current comedy tour sure lines up well with the current federal election campaign. The Montreal-based teller of jokes is on a Canadian tour that includes a show at Surrey’s Bell Performing Arts Centre on Saturday, Oct. 5. Recent performances had Sammy riffing on those old “brown face” photos of the Liberal party leader. “Trudeau had a brown face and a turban so he might lose the election for the same reasons as Jagmeet Singh,” Sammy tweeted. “I’m not outraged that Trudeau did a brownface,” he posted to his Facebook page....
CTV News Vancouver - Video
We caught up with Sugar Sammy while in town on his Canadian tour. He's a rising star in the Canadian Comedy scene, known for his unique mix of culture, comedy and sometimes controversy, from his home province of Quebec to stages all across the world, including Paris. He's been making audiences laugh around the world. Watch the interview here.
Radio-Canada - Radio
Critique du spectacle du spectacle de Sugar Sammy à Winnipeg. Écoutez la critique ici.
Radio-Canada - Radio
Sugar Sammy fait escale à Winnipeg les 6 et 7 septembre.   Écoutez l'entrevue.
Montreal Gazette - Web
The phenomenally successful comedian sits down with Lesley Chesterman in Paris to talk about conquering France, why he's glad he doesn't fit in anywhere, and his plans to make his next Quebec show even edgier. “I like playing with fire, and then look for the exits.” —  Sugar Sammy It’s a grey Thursday night in early May in Paris, a few weeks after the fire at Notre-Dame and the day after the Fête du travail protest by the Gilets Jaunes. I’m at the Alhambra, a 600-seat theatre in the happening 10th arrondissement, and the room is filling up fast with a young crowd. The pre-show background tunes blaring in this chic theatre sound similar to the set played by DJ YO-C at the Olympia before...
The Federalist - Radio
Samir Khullar, better known as Sugar Sammy, is a Canadian comedian who performs comedy in multiple languages and cultures. Sugar Sammy joins Ben Domenech on the Federalist Radio Hour for discussion on joke writing, the art of the “Special,” Canadian politics, and the future of comedy. “I don’t think people are more sensitive. I think people like to say they’re more sensitive,” he said. “I think people like to create outrage so they can get those likes and that pat on the back, and start little mini movements so they can be the Rosa Parks of Tuesday afternoon on Twitter.”
France Info -
L'humoriste canadien d'origine indienne Sugar Sammy est déjà une star dans son pays natal et aux Etats-Unis. Il part à la conquête de la France avec son spectacle dans la pure tradition du stand-up américain. Il est sur la scène de l'Alhambra à Paris jusqu'au 1er juin, avant une tournée dans tout le pays. Il a déjà fait la Une du New-York Times et de bien d'autres journaux anglo-saxons. Sugar Sammy est en France avec une nouvelle résidence à l'Alhambra à Paris jusqu'au 1er juin et avant une tournée française. Un challenge que celui de conquérir le cœur des français pour l'humoriste qui...
WUSA9 - Video
Comedian Sugar Sammy speaks about his comic success and how his background inspired his comedy. Click here to watch the full interview.
Washington Post - Web
Link to Washington Post original article Comedian Sugar Sammy is trying to describe how he can move to a new country and figure out enough of the local quirks to poke fun at them. “The French will say, ‘How do you know us so well?’ " he says in an interview in Washington. “I’m like, ‘Because I’ve watched you, I have listened to you. I’ve been, I’ve been …’ ” and he pauses. The Montreal-born comedian performs in four languages, and currently he cannot summon...
Brown Girl Magazine - Web
After 22 years of performing stand-up comedy worldwide, Samir Khullar says he doesn’t have a pre-performance ritual. Instead, he likes to feel out the vibe of a crowd when telling jokes. “I tend to be prepared, but not be too married to a set list. The best movies are when people forget they’re watching the movie and get involved. I like having that with my audience.” Samir, better known by his stage name “Sugar Sammy” or just “Sam,” is an award-winning stand-up comedian hailing from Quebec, Canada. Described by the New York Times as a “fearless comic with a talent for provoking both laughter and outrage,” his routines are inclusive of all people and backgrounds, given his...
News India Times - Web
NEW YORK – Raconteur. Provocateur. Riff-master. Call him what you may, but Samir Khullar, aka Sugar Sammy, as the hugely talented Indo-Canadian standup comedian is popularly known the world over, will not put you to sleep with gentle fireside chat stories, especially if you are within earshot or eyesight of him in a comedy club. In fact, Sammy’s modus operandi – which was on regal display at Caroline’s on Broadway, last week – is to engage and joust with the audience through most of his show, creating classic improv humor, drawing out regular guffaws. One is left to wonder after Sammy’s blitzkrieg of multilingual raillery – at the expense of his sometimes squirming audience, caught off-guard...
The Knockturnal - Web
Friday and Saturday night in Times Square, inside Carolines on Broadway, there was an audience with people from France, Canada, the United States, the Middle East and India in attendance and we all laughed our differences away… I spoke to Sugar Sammy after his show about diversity and how he connects with audiences in spite of their different backgrounds. Sugar Sammy spoke about bringing his unique point of view to his shows and in turn to the comedy landscape. With his Indian heritage, but having grown up in Canada, he is able to offer a fresh perspective. For instance, Sammy states, even though Canada and the States are neighbors, there are so many differences. He pointed this out during his shows in New York in a comical...
Hollywood Life - Web
Obviously, there are major cultural differences between French & American societies. However, what are those translated in comedy? Canadian comedian Sugar Sammy tells HL his hysterical take on the biggest distinctions when it comes to getting laughs from his audience. Comedian Sugar Sammy, whose real name is Samir Khullar, speaks several different languages, each with an impeccable accent, and translates his comedy into each one. While he is changing up his language for each audience, he also translates his jokes and cultural references, depending on the country he is performing in. While this of course makes sense, as people across the world have different senses of humor depending on their cultural influences, Sugar Sammy...
Your Morning - Video
Comedian Sugar Sammy shares why he took his comedic skills to Europe. Watch the full interview here.
CBC Radio - Radio
In the world of comedy, Sugar Sammy is renowned for being fluent in four languages and outrageously funny in all of them. When he first launched his bilingual stand-up show in Montreal in 2011, some thought it would be too difficult to make Quebec's two distinct cultures laugh at the same time.  Hundreds of thousands of ticket sales later, it's safe to say that he's succeeded, and now, he's taking things even further. After becoming a household name in Quebec, Sugar Sammy set sail for France. In the midst of his latest tour, Sugar Sammy joins Tom Power live in the q studio to talk about the comedic value of an outsider's perspective and how he generates laughs — and...
CBS New York - Video
Sam Khullar grew up in Canada, but performing stand-up comedy in New York has always been the dream. Inspired by comics like Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle, the man known as Sugar Sammy is returning to Carolines on Broadway to headline the famous New York comedy club for three days in late February. Sugar Sammy has performed all over the world, but Carolines is one of his favorite spots. “It’s a legendary room. The names that play there now and the names that have played there are huge,” said Sugar Sammy in an interview with CBS Local. “I was walking by and I said ‘I can’t believe I’m headlining here.’ To see yourself up on the marquee is definitely exciting. There’s...