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Sugar Sammy pushes people's buttons to get the laughs. As standup comedians go, Sugar Sammy is huge. The bilingual show he played for four years in Montreal boasted 421 sold-out performances, sold 372,000 tickets and made him the bestselling artist with a one-man show in the history of la belle province. He's had an HBO Canada comedy special, a francophone TV show ("Ces gars-là"), hosted the "Just For Laughs Comedy Tour" twice and performed 1,500 shows in 29 countries in English, French, Hindi, Punjabi and, occasionally, a combination of all four. He's a legend, a groundbreaker, a multicultural ambassador and harbinger of things to come. And yet, I've never heard of him. Jeez, how... - Web
The Montrealer on his hustle, how he avoids burnout and the key to rocking a runway. It wouldn't be a stretch to suggest that Sugar Sammy is the hardest working comedian in the biz right now. Critics and fans of comedy alike may deem Ali Wong, who delivered a pretty immaculate comedy special while seven and a half months pregnant, or Louis C.K., with his new-hour-every-year process, as contenders. However, I submit, for your consideration, Sugar Sammy. Not only does Sammy (who just set off on a 12-city tour across Canada that wraps up in Kitchener, Ont. on October 28th) spin jokes in four different languages (English, French, Hindi and Punjabi), often writing a completely new show in each one, he's taken his... - Web
Sugar Sammy seamlessly hits on cultural, social and political themes with great charm and finesse allowing him to connect extremely well with audiences on an international level. He treats controversial subjects with rigor and aplomb making his appeal inter-generational. Ultimately, his comedy has changed the landscape of our cultural reality by confronting language and social issues like never before in an entertaining exploration of our cultural divide. He played two sold out galas at Just For Laughs in Montreal this summer. And last summer he played outdoors at Just For Laughs – with 115,000 people in attendance. This interview has been edited for clarity and length. Apt613:...
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A well known comedian once told me that “making it” in Canada usually means you're shopping at Loblaws and someone will come up to you and go “hey, I know you!” And then you tell them “well, I'm a comedian” – and they go “no, that's not it”. And then they walk away, assuming you must have gone to the same high school or something. I've always loved that analogy. And for the most part, that's a pretty accurate summary of Canadian showbiz. Very few comedians manage to make a name for themselves here at home. We have a weird habit of not recognising our own until they've appeared in a string of Judd Apatow movies or made their way onto the cast of...
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One of the hottest comedians on the international circuit, Sugar Sammy has performed over 1,500 shows in 29 countries, in English, French, Hindi, and Punjabi. In the fall of 2016, he made his debut in France, presenting 42 sold-out preview performances at Paris’ mythic Point Virgule theatre. After a two-month preview tour around France, he officially launched his new show, written specifically for French audiences, in March 2017 at Paris’ Théâtre l’Européen.  After 36 sold out shows, Sugar Sammy has added 25 additional shows at the Alhambra Theatre, moving from a 350 seat theatre to a 600-seater. In the midst of all the shows in France, Sugar Sammy also visited the US on a 40-show tour in... - Web
Sam Khullar is four comics in one. But unless you also happen to be quadrilingual in English, French, Punjabi, and Hindi, you won't be able to appreciate all of his stage personas. That's okay, though, because he's always Sugar Sammy, no matter what language he's entertaining in. When he makes his long-awaited return to the Lower Mainland, as host of the annual Just For Laughs Canadian Comedy Tour, we'll be entertained by Sugar Sammy 1.0. The original. Sammy started out performing in English in his hometown of Montreal, and English remains his pain et beurre, although the last four years have seen the French side of his career really take off. “I just kind of tried it out,” he says on the...
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The tour features a trio of world-class comedians in 12 cities across the country   Sugar Sammy returns for a second year to host the 17th Just for Laughs Canadian Comedy Tour. The tour begins on October 13, with stops in Surrey and Vancouver before heading to 10 more cities. This year's edition also features Alonzo Bodden and Gina Brillon.      Sammy is not new to hosting large comedy events — he hosted twice to sold-out shows at the 35th Montreal International Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, which he's performed at eight times. In his home province of Quebec, Sammy is well-known and his ability to speak multiple languages has afforded him the ability to appeal to a...
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Montreal's funny icon Sugar Sammy in BT Toronto studio this morning! Co-Host Kevin Frankish sits down with Sugar Sammy who will be hosting the Just for Laughs Canadian Comedy Tour and asks him if Toronto understands how to be funny. Breakfast Television Toronto - Every weekday mornings on City from 5:30 to 9 a.m. or visit at Watch Sugar Sammy's interview:
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Sugar Sammy on eTalk. Fun interview with Ben Mulroney and Jerome Ferrer. etalk - Bringing you the latest celeb headlines, interviews with the biggest stars, and best red carpet coverage, ETALK is the most-watched Canadian entertainment news show. Ben Mulroney, Danielle Graham, Traci Melchor, Devon Soltendieck, Lainey, Liz Trinnear, Chloe Wilde and Jesse Giddings deliver the latest entertainment news.  Watch the interview :
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After performing his one-man show, You're Gonna Rire, last year to a crowd of 115,000, Montreal comedian Sugar Sammy is back in his hometown. This year, Sammy is hosting his very own gala (subtly titled Sugar Sammy's International Gala), at the Just For Laughs festival. So what can Sammy's fans expect out of his show? Watch the video clip above to find out: - Web
Un an après son dernier spectacle au Québec, Sugar Sammy est de retour sur scène, cette fois-ci pour animer deux galas Just for Laughs à la salle Wilfrid-Pelletier. L'humoriste a été très occupé au cours de la dernière année, avec un séjour de plusieurs mois en France et quelques semaines aux états-Unis. Sugar Sammy a passé les 12 derniers mois à repousser ses limites. Lui qui n'avait jamais envisagé une carrière en France s'est finalement laissé tenter. « Ce n'est pas un public déjà conquis, il faut aller le conquérir. Pour moi, c'est un challenge qui est très cool. » Il a d'abord passé l'automne à roder son matériel...
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Sugar Sammy is a comedian, actor, writer and producer from Montreal. He tours internationally, in English, French, Punjabi and Hindi. He mainly performs stand-up comedy but boasts a large body of work, including three one-man shows, an original TV series on Canada's French V network and an HBO Canada special (the first of it's kind). He's performed at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal seven years in a row and in his four fluent languages. The Observer sat down with Sammy to discuss his impressive body of work and the unique style he's developed by performing in such diverse cultural landscapes. Sammy will be headlining Caroline's Comedy Club in New York City July 13, 14 and...
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Sammy Khullar, better known as Sugar Sammy, has performed shows throughout the world, but this weekend the award-winning Canadian comedian will bring his U.S. tour to Off the Hook Comedy Club in North Naples. Sugar Sammy last toured the U.S. in 2011. Since then, his career has taken off, especially in Canada and France. He's performed more than 1,500 shows in 29 countries and works in four different languages: English, French, Hindi and Punjabi.  He made his debut in France last Fall and in March launched a new show written specifically for French audiences. He has also won multiple Quebec Olivier awards for his comedy and in 2013 was the first artist chosen by Comedy Central India to tour the...
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Jokes all around, this internationally acclaimed comedian Samir Khullar, formally known as Sugar Sammy, will be coming to Naples, Florida to perform one of his renowned stand-up shows. Born in an Indian family, but raised about in Côte-des-Neiges in Montreal, Quebec, Sugar Sammy grew up in a diverse community surrounded by different languages and cultures in which he has attached himself to. He tells a wide range of jokes from politics, to race, love, and even pop culture. But don't be surprised if he has you laughing as he impresses you with his French accent because he is a polyglot fluent in English, French, Punjabi, and Hindi. Before checking into the Off the Hook Comedy Club in Naples, we reached out to...
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Sugar Sammy, un personnage vraiment intéressant, qui fait des vagues en France et même ailleurs dans le monde.   Concept original et unique, « 300 millions de critiques » revient sur l'actualité culturelle francophone à travers les regards croisés de journalistes belges, suisses, canadiens, québécois, français, et en fonction des thématiques, africains, maghrébins, libanais… Le 3 juin, Sugar Sammy était au coeur des échanges. Visionnez l'extrait de l'émission où il est question de Sugar Sammy:
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Sugar Sammy's brand of comedy is global, which makes sense given his upbringing: he was raised in a multicultural neighborhood in French and English-speaking Montreal with Indian parents. Sugar Sammy has performed all over the world with huge tours in Canada, India and France. Now, he is touring through the United States. He is making a stop at Atlanta's Punchline Comedy Club this week, with shows running Thursday through Sunday. Improvising and riffing off the audience is a huge part of his shows. In an interview with Lois Reitzes, he said it helps him keep the material fresh. “When you do 300 to 400 shows a year, you could go into autopilot mode. It prevents me from getting there,” he...
Sugar Sammy is a Canadian comedian of Indian descent. He has sold out many shows in multiple countries, including two recent sold-out shows in France. Sugar Sammy talks to The Knockturnal about his experience touring internationally, how his style has evolved, and the role of political correctness in comedy. THE KNOCKTURNAL: So you just got off doing a tour in France, how was that? SUGAR SAMMY: It was great. I was doing a residency in Paris, and I toured the rest of the country a little bit, so it was good, it really went quick, it moved at a very quick speed. I started in September last year and we started in a 100-seat theater, and then it moved up to 350 seats, and now in the fall, I'm going back and starting in...
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Sugar Sammy has had continuously sold out shows in Canada and India for the last few years and now 2 sold out tours in France. With the ability to speak in four languages, Sugar Sammy has the opportunity to perform over the world. He's had over 1,400 shows in 28 countries, including England, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippine and has also had TV specials aired on Showtime Arabia, The Comedy Channel, CTV and Dutch TV network NTR. Meanwhile on the internet, his stand-up videos have had over 3 million views. His tour dates have won him the ranking of one of the 30th highest-biggest grossing tours in North America according to Pollstar magazine and Billboard Magazine named him the top-selling...
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Comedian Sugar Sammy is about to embark on his U.S. tour. He stops by to chat with Arthur Kade to discuss his upcoming U.S. tour, comedy influences and more.  Celebrity Page TV  - Your entertainment news source! Catch us weekdays on KCAL 9 in #LA, WABC 7 in #NYC, nationwide on @ReelzChannel and more. Check your local listings!   To watch Sugar Sammy's interview:
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Between Bells  - Today on Cheddar: Sugar Sammy! Successful Canadian Comedian Sugar Sammy works in four languages and has performed over 1,500 shows in nearly 30 countries. Cheddar is a live news network focused on covering the most innovative products, technologies, and services transforming our lives. We cover this news through the lens of the companies and executives driving these changes.  Live and on demand from its broadcast locations on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, the Flatiron Building, and the field. Watch Sugar Sammy's interview :
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Depuis son départ pour la France l'an dernier, Sugar Sammy s'est fait discret au Québec. De passage à Montréal pour quelques jours avant de prendre d'assaut des comedy clubs américains, l'humoriste a discuté avec La Presse de sa carrière à l'étranger et du gala qu'il pilotera dans le cadre du festival Just for Laughs. Comment se déroule votre expérience française? J'ai adoré mon séjour en France. Je suis arrivé le 31 août et j'ai commencé au Point Virgule, une petite salle de 115 places. Puis j'ai déménagé à L'Européen, une salle de 350 places, et enfin, cet automne, je serai à L'Alhambra [600 places]. On avance...
Sugar Sammy can come home again. In fact, many wish he hadn't left home for nearly a year to make a name for himself in France. Fact is, Sugar Sammy is Montreal's — and this province's – master socio-political satirist, one of the very few comic provocateurs who is able to resonate with anglos, francos and allos. Not only would he have had a field day dealing with some of the ill-conceived, surreal silliness that has transpired in his absence, but many also feel that his constant barrage of barbs might have had a shaming impact on our decision-makers. Hello, urban rodeo in Old Montreal! Between his ongoing gig in France and a coming U.S. club tour, the comic will certainly be making his presence...
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Fraîchement revenu de Paris, Sugar Sammy met déjà le cap sur les états-Unis. Dans quelques jours, l'humoriste québécois s'embarquera dans une série de 40 spectacles au pays de l'Oncle Sam. «Pour moi, c'était important de retourner là-bas», dit celui qui n'a pas joué dans une ville américaine depuis 2011. San Jose, Seattle, Atlanta, Houston, Austin, Naples et New York accueilleront Sugar Sammy d'ici le mois de juillet. L'humoriste se produira là-bas dans des comedy clubs pouvant recevoir jusqu'à 400 personnes. «Je vais y donner des spectacles d'une heure en tête d'affiche, dit-il. Sur scène, je ferai une critique sévère et honnête des...
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The Just for Laughs Festival, presented by Videotron in association with Loto-Québec, announced on Wednesday its lineup for its 2017 edition, including Jerry Seinfeld, Judd Apatow, Ali Wong and Sugar Sammy. The annual festival, held in Montreal, features gala events, stand-up performances, panels, and live tapings during its run from July 12-31. In addition, Variety will present its annual 10 Comics to Watch panel and performance, along with a cocktail party to celebrate the honorees. ... Among the galas scheduled are Sugar Sammy's International Videotron Gala, which will be presented by Sugar Sammy, who hosted a wildly successful event at the festival last year. “In hosting a...
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Sugar Sammy is coming back to Montreal in July to host the Just For Laughs International Videotron Gala presented by Air Canada. BT Montreal's Elias Makos caught up with him at the Just For Laughs Festival launch to talk about how special it is to him to host this gala. Just For Laughs COO, Bruce Hills and Director of Industry and Special Events programming, Paul Ronca, also discuss what makes Sugar Sammy a great Gala host.  To watch the clip :