PIX 11
Sugar Sammy catches up with Ojinika Obiekwe in New York City right before hitting the stage at the legendary Carolines on Broadway. Watch the full interview here.
The Entertainer Magazine
Montreal comedian Sugar Sammy has conquered 32 countries, but now he’s taking his first steps in the United States in more than a decade. He’ll play CB Live at Desert Ridge Marketplace Saturday, June 25, and Sunday, June 26. The season four judge of “La France a un Incroyable Talent” is determined to win over American audiences.  
Sugar Sammy live in Studio with Mark Arum. The two catch up about his U.S. tour and talk about his upcoming shows in Atlanta. Listen to the full interview here.
KCAA Radio
Sugar Sammy talks to Gary Garver about his upcoming shows in L.A. as well as his ongoing U.S. tour! Catch the full interview here.
STAR 96.7
Sugar Sammy talks to Eddie Volkman about his U.S. tour and his upcoming dates at Zanies in Chicago. Click here to listen to the full interview.
Dallas Observer
When it came time to start a comedy tour in America, Canadian comedian Sugar Sammy decided to start with the red states."Whatever comes in and gives me something new to deal with, I welcome it as long as the timing's right," Sammy says. "It can give you some amazing, unique moments that will never happen again."So, naturally, part of the start of his tour will take him through Texas, including a stop at the Dallas Comedy Club in Deep Ellum on Friday, March 18, and Saturday, March 19.Sammy is the kind of comedian who doesn't like to stray from the tougher topics, especially during contentious times with an audience that may not swing the same way. "It's fun to have that discussion, that dialogue as well," he says. "I...
French Morning
Superstar au Canada ayant conquis la France depuis plusieurs années, Samir Khullar, alias Sugar Sammy, poursuit son périple aux États-Unis avec un nouveau spectacle toujours plus décadent. La tournée du comédien québécois, qui se fait un plaisir de choquer son public, a commencé en Floride et s’achèvera cet été à New York, avant de se poursuivre au Canada. « Grâce à l’humour, on peut pointer du doigt des sujets sensibles, qui bien souvent, fâchent. Il faut savoir rester dans le jeu, les prendre avec du recul et...
Houston Press
Sometimes, you need an outsider’s point-of-view. Looks like America is about to get hers, as Sugar Sammy, a Montreal-born comedian who has found success in both the Great White North and Europe, begins an American tour that will hopefully be as funny as it is probing. He’ll be popping by for two nights of shows at The Riot on March 11 and 12. “The fun part about my perspective, is I’m going to be pretty honest without thinking about the consequences, because I don’t live there,” the 46-year-old jester proclaims. ”I’m coming in and I’m really auditing America pretty extensively. My comedy is: I’m the neighbor from up north who has been watching you guys for a while. I’m...
Le Courrier des Amériques
Si la pandémie en a perturbé certains, Sugar Sammy, lui, est remonté à bloc et s’en vient pour une tournée américaine de 52 spectacles en anglais, qui va commencer en Floride (Boca Raton et West Palm Beach). Il sait qu’une grande partie de ses spectateurs de Floride seront Français et Canadiens Français…. autant dire qu’il astique ses meilleurs missiles humoristiques pointés dans leur direction ! Rencontre avec Sugar Sammy ! – LE COURRIER DES AMERIQUES : Sammy, vous réalisez des tournées nationales en anglais aux Etats-Unis, y êtes-vous aussi célèbre que Gad Elmaleh ? – SUGAR SAMMY : Je ne...
C’est un spectacle de Sugar Sammy Live sur Facebook que René Daniel Dubois a regardé et il est tombé en bas de sa chaise.    Écoutez l’entrevue ici (à 5 min.)
Montreal Gazette
Nothing to do? Nowhere to go? Coronavirus blues bumming you out? How about a free Sugar Sammy fix and some chuckles therapy in the process? Sugar Sammy’s mega-hit Franglais offering You’re Gonna Rire — filmed during its extended run at L’Olympia theatre — will stream until Friday night on the comic’s Facebook page. “Restez chez vous and take care of yourself,” Sugar Sammy has urged. “I haven’t showered in three days, but my hands are cleaner than they’ve ever been,” he added on a Twitter post. “Don’t forget social distancing. Yes, it’s annoying, but we’re going to have great stories to tell our grandchildren.” As is the case with...
98.5 FM Montreal
À l’occasion d’une série de spectacles donnée à New York la semaine dernière, l’humoriste Sugar Sammy a accordé une entrevue à Richard Chateauvert. Le correspondant new-yorkais du 98.5 a fait part de son appréciation du spectacle américain de Sugar Sammy. Sans détour, il a indiqué avoir beaucoup apprécié la performance de l’humoriste québécois. «Sugar Sammy a une fois plus démontré son sens de l’improvisation. Il s’est moqué des Américains, des Canadiens, des Québécois, des Français, des Indiens. Bref, à peu près tout le...
It's a leap year, only happens once every four years. Do you know somebody in your life who has a birthday on leap year, that was born on February 29th? I don't know if you know this, but our good pal, Montreal favourite, Sugar Sammy actually celebrates a birthday every four years, technically, and he's on the phone right now.   Listen to the interview here
PIX11 Morning News
NEW YORK — Comedian Sugar Sammy may be sweet, but it doesn't mean you're off the hook from being a target of his jokes. The quadrilingual comedian drops by PIX11 Morning News to chat with Oji about what it's like to judge "France's Got Talent," his upcoming shows, and what he usually jokes about. Sugar Sammy brings the laughs to New York City at Caroline's on Broadway Thursday, Feb. 27 through Saturday, Feb. 29. Watch the full interview here.
Le Courrier de Floride
Et, si Sammy a dit beaucoup de bêtises durant sa soirée à Miami, ça n’avait pas l’air d’être une promesse en l’air : il compte apparemment revenir le plus vite possible devant le chaud public de Miami.  « Bonsoir Hollywood » s’est-il exclamé en montant sur scène à Miami-Doral. Sugar Sammy a ainsi connu un beau succès pour sa première apparition sur la scène de Miami Improv’ qui affichait complet, et pas qu’avec des Québécois de Hollywood ! Ca montre à quel point le comédien est apprécié, puisque le spectacle était entièrement en anglais...
Le Courrier de Floride
Revoilà Sugar Sammy (à Miami le 23 février), avec désormais le statut de « star internationale de l’humour », mais sans se départir de sa proximité incroyable avec le public. Cette fois, c’est un spectacle en anglais qu’il vient jouer, mais il y parle beaucoup de ses années d’expérience au Québec et en France. « Les Américains aiment bien ce choc des civilisations, la découverte de nos mondes francophones, mais le spectacle plaît aussi beaucoup aux Français et aux Québécois qui s’y reconnaissent ! » On est allé lui poser quelques questions… et on...
Allie Rasmus catches up with comedian Sugar Sammy before his upcoming stand-up shows in Sunnyvale. Canadian comedy superstar is bringing his razor-sharp wit here to the Bay area. Starting tomorrow Sugar Sammy will be performing at Rooster T Feathers in Sunnyvale, but before he gets on stage, he is joining us here this morning on the 9. Watch the full interview here.
Fox 5
Comedy sensation Sugar Sammy is bringing his wit to the Atlanta Punchline. Sugar Sammy is not afraid to push the envelope and jokes about politics, culture and social issues are not off limits. He's in town to perform at The Punchline and we are happy to have him at Good Day Atlanta first. Watch full interview here.
The Neighbor
Growing up in Montreal, comedian Sugar Sammy was always the entertainer. “I was always hosting the talent schools and entertaining kids all the time,” said Sammy, who started working as a professional comedian when he was 19 but starting doing comedy in the 10th grade. “I was the guy who would entertain everyone on the front of the bus on a school trip. “I was always interested in comedy and doing it since I was very little. I used to stay up way past my bedtime watching late-night comedy and talk shows. Learning that was an actual job, that was probably the most extraordinary (thing). I thought, ‘How can I do that for the rest of my life?’” He will perform at The Punchline Comedy Club in...
The New York Times
The comedian Sugar Sammy credits his Montreal upbringing for making him so funny. He shares his favorite spots. A superstar in Quebec with a growing global following — he recently sold out a four-month residency in Paris — the comedian Sugar Sammy relishes returning to Montreal after touring. “I love living here because it’s a big city, but not so big that you feel lost,” said the 43-year-old Montreal native who was born Samir Khuillar. “You can have a real life. And you can still find quiet, human moments.” Fluent — and funny — in English, French, Hindi and Punjabi, the performer has been conquering audiences around the world by riffing on politics. The son of Indian immigrants,...
Tout droit débarqué du Québec, où il joue à guichets fermés, ce stand-upper d'origine indienne arrive à Paris avec un show spécialement écrit pour « nous autres », habitants de la France, son « pays arabe préféré » ! Virtuose de la punchline, du rythme et de l'impro avec le public, Sugar Sammy ose tout, affichant une aisance désarmante avec son personnage de « gentil connard » au charisme impressionnant. Racisme, terrorisme, clichés franco-américano-québécois (« En France vous avez un président et un Premier ministre, c'est beaucoup de leadership pour...
West Island Blog
It was an active week for West Island Community Shares (WICS). They started the week off with their annual BMO Thanks Giving Dinner. The party started as soon as the guests arrived. Sitting down was not the mandate of the event with DJ George Thomas as emcee, despite the delicious turkey dinner. The event raised more than 55,000 for the 41 community groups cherished by the WICS team The week with WICS got more and more exciting as the days went by. For the first time benefitting WICS, Sugar Sammy graced the West Island with his hilarious comic performance. The show kept the audience entertained for more than an hour with provocative looks into politics, culture and social themes. The master spent a great deal of the show interacting...
The Marilyn Denis Show
Sugar Sammy's love of hockey is hilarious and has nothing to do with hockey. Watch the full interview here.
CFRA 580
Comedian Sugar Sammy announces tour dates by putting up parody billboards. One of them mocks Maxime Bernier's 'Say No To Mass Immigration' billboards. Sugar Sammy, he's got the padody billboards of Maxime Bernier, he'll take on anybody.
Global News
Why Comedian Sugar Sammy asked Quebec’s language police for a citation and doesn’t shy away from politics, international relations and the election in his standup.  His standup has been known to cover everything from politics to relationships, to hockey to international relations. No topic too taboo and no one is safe from his affectionate jabs. Watch the interview here.