Comedian Sugar Sammy Discusses His Career & Upcoming Headline Performance At Carolines

by DJ Sixsmith

Sam Khullar grew up in Canada, but performing stand-up comedy in New York has always been the dream.

Inspired by comics like Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle, the man known as Sugar Sammy is returning to Carolines on Broadway to headline the famous New York comedy club for three days in late February. Sugar Sammy has performed all over the world, but Carolines is one of his favorite spots.

“It’s a legendary room. The names that play there now and the names that have played there are huge,” said Sugar Sammy in an interview with CBS Local. “I was walking by and I said ‘I can’t believe I’m headlining here.’ To see yourself up on the marquee is definitely exciting. There’s no better place to rise to the occasion.'”

The Canadian comic is currently on a nationwide tour and calls New York the mecca of stand-up. Sugar Sammy is known for working the crowd during his shows and he says the audience members should be ready for anything.

“You’re going to be offended, I’m already putting the disclaimer out there,” said Sugar Sammy. “It’s going to be a global perspective brought to America. I’m going to compare America to all of the other places I’ve been to and we are going to have a lot of fun together.”

Catch comedian Sugar Sammy at Carolines on Thursday, Feb. 21-Saturday, Feb 23.

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