Fluent in four languages, outrageous in all of them — Sugar Sammy brings an outsider's perspective to Paris

by Frank Palmer

In the world of comedy, Sugar Sammy is renowned for being fluent in four languages and outrageously funny in all of them. When he first launched his bilingual stand-up show in Montreal in 2011, some thought it would be too difficult to make Quebec's two distinct cultures laugh at the same time. 

Hundreds of thousands of ticket sales later, it's safe to say that he's succeeded, and now, he's taking things even further. After becoming a household name in Quebec, Sugar Sammy set sail for France.

In the midst of his latest tour, Sugar Sammy joins Tom Power live in the q studio to talk about the comedic value of an outsider's perspective and how he generates laughs — and outrage — across cultural boundaries.

If you want to see Sugar Sammy perform, he's playing three nights, starting tomorrow, at Toronto's Randolph Theatre. He'll be back in Canada for a much bigger tour in September. 

Listen here