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Sugar Sammy to star in French-language TV show Ces gars-là 


On February 24, V television network debuts a new comedy entitled “Ces gars-là” which basically translates to “Those Guys”. It stars comedians Sugar Sammy and Simon Olivier Fecteau and follows these two buddies whose backgrounds are diametrically opposed and how that shapes and colours their friendship. The show is inspired by the lives of the two writer-comedians and traces their searches for love, their relationships with their families and how they deal with the rules of their own friendship. Their absurd experiences come about as the two stars attempt to live life with more or less best intentions while reflecting on life in their somewhat trivial, somewhat profound, but always-hilarious philosophy, in the vein of The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm and the film Wedding Crashers.

This is a first for Quebec television, to have a non-francophone starring in a network television show. Sugar Sammy has had huge success with his bilingual live show You’re Gonna Rire, selling over 190,000 tickets to the bilingual show and its French-only counterpart En français s.v.p. and now is poised to bring that special blend of humour that is anything but pure laine into the homes of TV viewers. He has not adjusted his persona one iota for the TV show, only ratcheted it up to “10”. Look out - here comes a brown, federalist, bilingual guy who represents the new Québecois.

The ten-episode series Ces gars-là debuts at 8pm on Monday, February 24 on V television network in Quebec. All episodes will be carried online the day following broadcast at



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