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SUGAR SAMMY’s latest Improv moments with “Karens” goes viral

Over 10 million views on Facebook, 97,000 Shares, 295,000 Likes in just over 2 weeks.

Oops, he did it again!

Oops, indeed! It’s no coincidence. Comedian Sugar Sammy always manages to have his finger on the pulse of the latest news topic. Right now, it’s the Karens.

A compilation of his funniest Improv moments with various women who fit into the “Karen” category has gone viral. The clip has received over 10 million views on Facebook, 97,000 people have shared it and the it has received 295,000 “Likes”. It has also convinced 175,000 new followers to sign up to his Facebook page, 100,000 of them from the US.

For those not glued to the news or their computer screens, “Karen”, according to the Urban Dictionary, is the stereotypical name associated with rude, obnoxious and insufferable middle aged white women. You can read the full definition here.

See the compilation clip here

Here’s the link to share out on your platforms:

And here is the uncensored version, if you prefer:


More About Sugar Sammy

All three seasons of his hit “buddy” TV show Ces gars-là, co-written with Simon Olivier Fecteau are now available on the Crave streaming platform.

The hit show La France a un incroyable talent, with an average of 3.5 million viewers per episode, will return for its 15 th season in fall 2020, with Sugar Sammy taking his spot as a judge for his third year.

The first season of its spinoff show La France a un incroyable talent: La Bataille du jury just aired, with each judge from LFAUIT leading a team of competitors. Sugar Sammy has signed on for Season 2 of the series.

To date, he’s performed over 1800 shows in 32 countries. With over 270 of those shows performed in Europe, he has been embraced by France as almost one of their own. He won “Best Comedian” in the Le Parisien magazine’s prestigious countdown of 2018’s hottest performing arts and television stars in their annual Les Étoiles du Parisien show. GQ France even declared that “the funniest man in France is a Quebecer.”

His profile in the US is growing, as well, as evidenced by features in two of its most prestigious daily papers. His feature appeared on the front page of the international edition of the New York Times and the front page of the Washington Post’s Arts section. In 2018 he was profiled on CTV’s national newsmagazine W5, which visited with him in both Montreal and Paris.

Prior to his international conquests, his bilingual show, You’re Gonna Rire combined with its all-French version En français svp!, had a total of 421 sold-out performances across the province and sold 372,000 tickets before he performed the hit bilingual show in 2016 one last time in front of a record-breaking crowd of over 115,000 outdoors at the Montreal International Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.



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